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Sleep on Silk Pillowcase to prevent wrinkles

Sleep on Silk Pillowcase to prevent wrinkles

Silk sheets are a sexy yet luxurious addition to the bedroom. However, silk pillowcases provide numerous benefits other than ordinary bedding.
Silk pillowcases allow for the simplest method to improve skin. You may be wondering, how is sleeping on silk good for my skin?

Silk moisturizes your skin.

Cotton pillowcases will absorb any skin care products, in addition to natural oils. In other words, your cotton pillowcases are not good for your skin! Silk sheets help keep your skin hydrated, by retaining your skin’s natural oils. While you toss and turn, silk pillowcases are gentle on the skin.

Natural Proteins

The natural proteins found in silk rejuvenates your skin while you sleep. The silk protein is often combined with the keratin which makes up the outer layer of your skin. Combining these two allows for skin protection against ultraviolet rays. In simpler terms, your skin will feel soft, and at the same time these proteins will help prevent wrinkles.

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