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Keep Things Hot & Steamy in the Bedroom

Keep Things Hot & Steamy in the Bedroom

Spice up your love life with these sexy ideas that will leave his mind lingering with thoughts of you, long after the night is over.

1. Eye mask

A sensual silk eye mask doesn’t only help you sleep better, but it is perfect for blindfolding your partner. Intensify his senses, and let him anticipate what is next to come.

2. Chocolate Body Paint

If your man is a fan of Kama Sutra, this is the method to complement your naughty side. Paint and please your partner while enjoying a delicious chocolaty delight.

3. Sensual Silk Sheets

Create a lasting experience for the both of you. Add excitement to your boudoir with elegant silk sheets that can be enjoyed by both partners. Feel sexy under the sheets, and bring out the confidence that every man loves to see in a woman!

4. Racy Lingerie

Be risqué, and step out of your comfort zone. Indulge in lace or chiffon lingerie that will build sexual tension, and leave a lasting image in his mind.

5. Massage Candle

Set the mood with scented massage candles. Vanilla, peppermint, and jasmine scents are known to be able to entice your partner. Blow out the candle, and massage your partner with the wax.

While chocolates and flowers are a nice gesture, nothing spells romance like a woman that enjoys teasing and exciting her husband.

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