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Why Silk Duvets Are Better than Down Duvets

Why Silk Duvets Are Better than Down Duvets
When choosing a duvet that will give you optimal satisfaction while you sleep, it is important to consider a few factors such as breathability, temperature regulation, and overall comfort.

Overall Comfort

A silk duvet provides the utmost comfort. Down filled duvets are bulky and heavy which makes it uncomfortable and difficult to position yourself while sleeping. Silk duvets on the other hand are lightweight and do not compromise warmth.

If you add a silk casing to your duvet, the experience only gets better! A silk casing will feel sensational and rejuvenating against your skin. Curious? Check out our silk duvet covers.

Are Silk Duvets Warm?

Breathability and Temperature Regulation

Down filled duvets consists of clusters of feathers that trap air in order to keep you warm. A down filled duvet is unable to provide such satisfying results because its ability to keep you warm depends on its weight.

In comparison to a down filled duvet, silk tends to be the better option. Silk is not only hypo-allergenic, but it allows your skin to breathe by releasing excess body heat.

While down duvets trap your body heat inside the blanket, a silk duvet will regulate your body temperature. The silk duvet will allow you to feel cool on hot nights and warm on cold nights, without ever pushing your body temperature to either extreme - perfect for those sensual nights with your partner!

Try a luxurious silk duvet for yourself! If you have any questions or concerns, e-mail us at info@cilque.com or tweet us @thecilque.

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