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How to Keep your Hairstyle While Sleeping

How to Keep your Hairstyle While Sleeping

Have you ever woken up with bedhead, or really messy hair in the morning? You must be wondering how Marilyn Monroe kept her luscious locks looking perfect. The secret to waking up with fabulous hair is sleeping on a silk pillowcase! Choosing a silk pillowcase over a cotton pillowcase is the first step.

Here are a few reasons why a silk pillowcase is a must have for your hair:

1. Breathable

If you’re sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, you might wake up in the morning feeling sweaty. Sleeping on silk will prevent this from happening as it consists of a moisture wicking property. This property keeps you cool, and comfortable while you sleep. You’ll wakeup without having to worry about your hairstyle being ruined due to moisture.

2. Soft

Silk pillowcases offer a smooth and soft surface which allows your hair to glide while you toss and turn. Cotton pillowcases on the other hand provide a texture that damages your hair when you move in your sleep. This prevents your hair from not only getting tangled but from obtaining split ends.

3. Hydration

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase means that your hair’s natural oils are being absorbed on a nightly basis. Natural silk pillowcases, such as our very own chemical free sheets at Cilque, help to protect the natural oils in your hair and help your hair to grow longer.

If you still aren’t convinced, try it for yourself!

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