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Silky Sericulture 101

Silky Sericulture 101

In our first secret, we wrote about our favorite empress: the Empress Leizu, who developed sericulture by watching the lifecycle of a silkworm. But what exactly is sericulture?

Sericulture is the rearing of silkworms – normally the Bombyx mori – for the production of raw silk. When the silkworms are born, they are fed mulberry leaves for 25 days, until they are finally heavy enough to begin spinning cocoons. Each cocoon is made up of approximately 1 mile of silk filament, although quality restrictions dictate that 5500 silkworms are required to produce 1 kg of silk. The cocoons are then put into boiling water, which frees the silk filaments to get them ready for reeling.

So when you’re sleeping on one of our luxurious oversized 100% silk bed sets or soft and soothing 100% silk pillowcases, think of this: 5500 silkworms spent their entire lives working to make your sleeping experience that much better. Repay them by making our products your favorite bedding.

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