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While nothing can compare to the classic look of an Hermés silk scarf, here at CILQUE, we can’t help but notice the growing popularity of the Christian Lacroix silk scarves overseas in France.

Christian Lacroix is French-born haute-couture designer, known best for his theatricality. With his haute-couture roots in Hermés, Lacroix opened his own couture house in 1987, focusing on a “ready-to-wear” line, which made critics believe that he did not understand the needs of the workingwoman. Although his couture line never took off, and in its’ history never turned a profit, his silk scarves are a huge hit in France. With lower price points than those of Hermés at around 200$-300$, they are still a classic look that can improve any average outfit.



So after looking in Christian Lacroix, take a look through our site. Our lavish silk pillowcases and luxury silk bedsets can only improve your bedroom, much like a Christian Lacroix scarf can do for any outfit.

This fall/winter a hot item for out of the house is a nice deep toned silk scarf.  As for a hot item in the house, pure luxury silk sheets are the way to go.  They also make an excellent gift. xo

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