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Secret #5: Silk Scarves for the Summer



With summer already upon us, CILQUE is sending out a friendly reminder that it’s time to take extra care for your hair. The new summer heat means that it’s time to roll down the windows in the car and feel the summer heat. But how do you keep your hair looking perfect?

photo courtesy of I LIKE HER CLASS

Here at CILQUE, our favorite hairstyle-prolonging secret is a silk scarf. And of course, the perfect silk scarf would be made by Hermés. Hermés silk scarves are the ultimate status symbol: averaging anywhere from 300$-400$ per scarf, they have the unmistakable ability to transform any average outfit into something extraordinary. So naturally, these silk scarves are an icon of class: most famously seen being worn by Queen Elizabeth II on the British postage stamp in 1956, they have since been worn by Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, as well as stars such as Mariah Carey and Madonna.

photo courtesy of Vintage Labels

So when you’re looking for the perfect silk scarf to complete your outfit, remember to also take a look through CILQUE’s luxurious silk bedding and luxurious silk pillowcases: they’ll turn your average bedroom into something spectacular, much like an Hermés scarf with any outfit!

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