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Secret #4: A silky wedding Season


It’s that time of year again – the beautiful season of June to October when all the newlyweds in the city finally get to say “I do.” Here at CILQUE, we’re all excited to be in our favorite season of the year.

Naturally, Vera Wang is easily one of the best designers when it comes to silk wedding dresses. Her looks manage to seem both intricate and simple, creating a flawless, classic look, even with her most modern dresses. Wang originally gained public recognition for her designs made for Nancy Kerrigan at the 1992 Olympics, although her fame was gained when names such as Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone, and Uma Thurman wore Vera Wang on their wedding day.

But what role does silk play in weddings? Of course, there’s the obvious – all the brides choose to have their dress made of high quality silk, if not for the clean, smooth look of the fabric, then for the fact that it’s a self-adjusting fabric that will keep them looking and feeling fresh all day long.

For those of you not tying the knot this lovely wedding season, and simply attending the weddings of your friends and family this year, look through our luxurious silk pillowcases and silk bed sets. They’ll make a perfect gift for the new happy couple.

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