Most often we wake up for a commitment, obligation, individual, or because we just can’t sleep anymore.  Round here, we believe in extended beauty sleep, and rest and relaxation, but unfortunately this ideology is enforced on Sundays at best.  Throughout the week when you get your 5-8 hours of rest make it worthwhile…

The boudoir should be finished in luxury since this is our personal sanctuary where we need to feel good and recharge ourselves before re-entering the world.

A few tips to maximizing your sleep…

1.  Have the best possible mattress and if you can go for a King size bed, the extra space makes a huge difference.

2.  Make sure you don’t have any electronics with bright or flashing lights on them.  Aim to have your room pitch black when its bed time.

3.  Expect and plan to sleep well.  Mentally by doing so you will attract a good nights sleep.

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  • Samantha Maker