Here at CILQUE, we’re all about enhancing your overall sleep experience with our luxury 100% silk bedding and 100% silk pillowcases – but we’ve just remembered an integral part of the experience – eye masks!

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Eye masks help block out the outside light, allowing the wearer to have a deeper, more restful sleep. The smooth texture of a luxurious 100% silk eye mask, however, is soft and gentle on your skin, and allows your eyes to retain their moisture. This, of course, lets your skin stay supple which reduces the overall effects of wrinkles around your eyes.

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Unfortunately, we haven’t found a favorite designer for silk eye masks yet – so we’ve decided to make the perfect ones ourselves. Look out for our new fall/winter 19 momme heavy weight silk charmeuse detailed and naughty CILQUE eye masks.  Perfect for travel and sleep.  CILQUE eye masks are a must in your underwear drawer.

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  • Samantha Maker