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Secret # 2


Let's Give a Round of Applause to Empress Leizu: The Origin of Silk

If you are a savvy silkstress who has read our first secret, then you know that silk isn’t just a luxury fabric – it can be used as a preventative measure against the signs of aging while prolonging your hairstyle at the same time. But whom exactly do we have to thank for all these benefits?

Well, as legend goes, a silk worms’ cocoon fell into the empress Leizu’s teacup and when she tried to take it out, the cocoon began to unravel showing it to be a long silk thread. The empress then had the idea of weaving the thread.

She observed the life of the silk worm, which created the basis for sericulture, and eventually the foundation for the mass production of silk as a fabric. She was then forever known as the goddess of silk in Chinese mythology – and to us, as the woman who discovered the luxury fabric that we hold so dearly today.

So when you’re looking through our luxurious silk pillowcases and silk sheets featured on the site, or enjoying your prolonged hairstyle courtesy of CILQUE, don’t just thank us: thank the Empress Leizu as well, our goddess of silk.

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  • Samantha Maker
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